Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

The Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

Let's just start out by saying that I don't believe in all these new kitchen design trends.  I believe in creating spaces that work specifically for a client-their needs, their response to color and materials, their budget, and their home.

That said, when enough people start doing the same thing-we call in the trend watchers.  Trends are summarized from data and these trends drive what manufacturers decide to design, have in stock, and sell to you in the near future.  Trends help us look at a project and consider perhaps something new, and will most certainly explain why these things are easily available in the marketplace, but all these new kitchen design trends might not fit your needs.  Another thing to consider when considering these pesky new 'kitchen design trends'-there is a fine line between catching the wave of something fresh in your environment, and just plain losing yourself in someone else's idea of what you should do at a particular time in the history of the world.

 In the interest of having some trendy fun, below are the top kitchen design trends, or tips, you might want to look into incorporating into your new kitchen?

Kitchen Trends #1 - Double up.  Double ovens-what bliss when you really are cooking up a storm, double dishwashers-so convenient to always have one open to be loaded, and yes, even double fridges. Where?  One in the basement or garage has always been a possibility, but even in the kitchen in the form of different sizes for differing purposes-perhaps a full size armoire style, along with a small 'kids' fridge for healthy and easily accessible beverages is one trick. Best of all-make it two sinks-one for the 'cleanup' zone, and one for the 'prep' zone.

Kitchen Trends #2 - Color? Yes, you will see more of certain colors this year than you have in the past-blues, pinks to purples, and pops of great color and pattern in a relatively neutral background or varying intensities-and that all varies by which part of the world you live in.  Best thing to remember about color?  YOU will actually be reacting to it emotionally depending upon how you are feeling and what the climate outside your door is-call it 'color therapy', but a great color, any color, that speaks to you will be the smart choice.

Kitchen Trends #3 - Frugality is in.  A thoughtful perspective to how you live could mean less cabinetry and tops and wiser storage options.  Resurfacing cabinetry boxes with new drawers, doors, and new features along with new cabinetry or an island might be the way to go.  Repurposing a great old cutting block along with terrific countertop materials might combine the old and new in a delightful way.

Kitchen Trends #4 - Command central-Think about your kitchen, and those potentially adjacent spaces like laundry and small desk, eating area, and even entryway as possibly new ways to incorporate an all-inclusive and dynamic remodel or new layout for your home.  Rooms are evolving, just as the dining room as the lonely stand-alone is dying off, so is the kitchen taking center stage as the space to manage the home, cook, enjoy, share great food, and even manage work and entertainment.  Remodeling or building gives you the best opportunity to have the space available finally fit you, not you fit the space.

Kitchen Trends #5 - Remodeling is in-I can't think of a better thing than creating a fabulous new space without having to actually leave your own home!  Granted, sometimes that new construction is the best option, but be aware that a wisely designed and remodeled kitchen will likely recoup on average 81% of its cost.  (This is when it is good to know if you are remodeling for you, or remodeling to sell-it can mean a difference in what you do!)

Kitchen Trends #6 - Quality does matter-compare fit, finish, design, hardware, box construction, drawer glides, and within a short time, you too will be able to evaluate what it is that matters most to you.  Include comparisons, check references, and feel comfortable with your choice in working with designers and remodelers-because working with someone that is well versed and capable in executing your vision-well that is the best trend you could hope for.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you are planning a kitchen remodeling project as you consider the new kitchen design trends.


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